The success of a company greatly depends on a solid workforce. It is therefore important that you attract the right profiles, but even more important is ensuring that the employment relationship has a strong foundation and remains on good terms.

Good individual employment contracts (for fixed or indefinite periods of time, with employees or sales representatives, part-time or full-time, etc.) are key to this. Of course, the global collective working conditions must not be overlooked either. For example, transparent employment regulations and clear policies contribute to an optimal working atmosphere.

As soon as your company reaches a certain amount of employees, you will also have to organize social elections every four years to set up a works council and/or a committee for prevention and protection at work.

Maybe at some point you decide to sell your business? In that case, you should not lose sight of the rights of your employees, who often enjoy a certain level of protection against dismissal and who, as a rule, will move along too to the new employer.

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