In the event of a breakup there is not only an emotional aspect involved, but also a practical aspect to deal with.

Even if you are not married, there are probably issues that need to be resolved. You may have children, for example. Or a house and/or common possessions that need to be settled financially.

Are you legally cohabiting? Then do not forget to stop your legal cohabitation officially at the municipality.

Are you married? Then it is only possible to end your marriage through a divorce.

During the divorce proceedings, we look for an agreement on your children, possessions, etc. We also look at whether you are entitled to a financial arrangement for support for yourself or your children.

The way in which the divorce proceeds may vary. For example, you may agree on everything together. In that case it is best to have everything recorded in an official document.

But sometimes a divorce is less easy, and you do not agree on certain things. At that moment you want a lawyer who will fight for what you are entitled to.

No matter what situation you are in, our experienced lawyers always strive for a smooth and dignified handling of this painful period in your life.

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