Physical and mental violence often have an indelible effect on a victim. The violation of physical integrity can cause trauma that lasts for many years, even a lifetime. But moral violence, such as harassment or stalking, can also leave deep scars.

Our Criminal Law team has extensive experience with all types of violent crimes, ranging from homicides to assault and battery, and harassment. We always ensure that you are clearly informed about the appropriate steps to take.

For victims of violent crimes, the assistance of a lawyer is often covered by family insurance. This not only pays for the lawyer but also the costs of experts (doctor, expert, psychiatrist, etc.).

As a suspect, it is best to hire a lawyer before making a statement to the police. Our experts assist and advise you during the initial interrogation and subsequent procedure. Additionally, our experts have extensive knowledge of prevailing case law in violent crime cases. For example, according to case law, a simple push is considered a ‘blow’ and falls under the crime of ‘assault and battery.’ Even being present in a group where some members have dealt blows can lead to the conviction of the entire group. Therefore, never hesitate to seek advice from a Criminal Law lawyer for any interrogation or statement.

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