We regularly hear that the basic principles of the GDPR are more or less understood, but companies are very hungry to better understand what this exactly means for their everyday business. And how exactly do you get started?

During this hands-on Breakfast Session on January 30th these three speakers will help you to face one of the most important challenges for 2018, with practical insights on the GDPR (that you can immediately apply in time for the May 25th deadline):

  • Ingrid De Poorter, Prof. in Law and Managing Partner at law firm De Groote De Man, will as a legal privacy expert reveal her pragmatic approach to GDPR.
  • Tony Baka, GDPR Program Manager at P&V Group, will share some insights of P&V’s GDPR roadmap to compliance.
  • Elke Horrix, Head of Data & GDPR at The House of Marketing will discuss some very recognizable GDPR questions regarding the use of cookies, remarketing, profiling, …